1. 5 Billionaire Private Islands to Drool Over

    Just one from all the gems

    Written by JoAnna Haugen, photo by Ahmed Amir

    Kitesurfing, reverse osmosis water, and Celine Dion - just a few reasons to be in the market for your own personal private island.

    We can’t all own private jets or have multi-million-dollar vacation homes in the four corners of the earth, but dreaming is free, so spend all the time you want drooling over these private islands.

    1. Necker Island


    This 74-acre private island, located in the British Virgin Islands, is owned by Richard Branson. Unlike many billionaires, Branson welcomes up to 28 guests to his island at a time for about $1,700 per person per night. Necker Island’s staff is on hand to teach guests how to snorkel, kayak or kitesurf.

    2. Mago Island


    Located within the islands of Fiji is Mago Island, a 5,400-acre piece of property owned by Mel Gibson. It is one of the largest privately owned islands in the South Pacific and is virtually uninhabited and untouched. Don’t expect to see a resort built on Mago Island anytime soon; Gibson has said he wants to leave the island undeveloped except for a modest personal residence for himself.

    3. Little Hall’s Pond Cay

    Perhaps it’s all the time he spent on the open seas during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean that led Johnny Depp to purchase his own piece of paradise near the Bahamas. A private escape for his family, the eco-friendly accommodations on Little Hall’s Pond Cay include a solar panel and reverse osmosis water system.

    4. Skorpios Island

    Summer view

    If you’re looking for the place that started the private island trend, look no further than Skorpios Island in Greece. Owned by the late Aristotle Onassis, Skorpios Island was the site of his wedding to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. In recent years, there have been rumors that the island was for sale for 100 million Euro. Bill Gates reportedly showed an interest in the property; allegations that Skorpios Island had been sold to Giorgio Armani in September 2010 were denied.

    5. Île Gagnon

    Though most celebs prefer tropical escapes, Celine Dion opted for a quaint island in the Mille Îles River in Quebec instead. She has built a massive French-style mansion on the island; it is heavily fortified by fences to keep out trespassers.


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